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February 2008
Sun, Feb. 17th, 2008 07:56 am

So I was doing my usual Sunday thing reading PostSecret when I saw this one and felt really badly. I mean, what if Mr. Nelson had a surprise party and no one showed up for him? It would be too sad :(

But then I realized, what if that was HERBIE?????

And felt less bad.


Sat, Feb. 16th, 2008 07:33 am

rough week. but. I do have a second job now, which means I make more money! which means I spend more money. which means, really, I don't have more money at all.

things I bought this week to compensate for being miserable (and, on the 14th, supremely single)

- juicy couture terry cloth sandal, white, $59.99, @smartbargains.com. So cute. So impractical. So overpriced.
- House of Dereon fitted short puff jacket, $44.99, @overstock.com. Look at the back. No, really, look at the back. How sweet are those corset ties? So very sweet.
- a black blazer and various sweaters from the winter clearance at Victoria's Secret, $206.96

I'm looking forward to spring break, guys.

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Fri, Jan. 18th, 2008 06:27 pm

I spent much of Monday and Tuesday fretting because I was certain that I wouldn't get into any history seminars. Clearly, I was wrong. I got into two out of three seminars, and the third simply hasn't released its list yet (not that I definitely will get in--but, you know, I'm on a roll here). The trouble is, I can only take two of them--and I feel bad because I applied to all of them on the assumption that I would take them. (I already narrowed it down from four to three, it's the last cut I can't decide)

Which ones would you take?

The City in Preindustrial Europe
The changing role of cities in Europe and the emerging world economy before industrialization. Topics include what defines a city; town and country; urban elites and commoners; minorities; crime and social control; the Reformation; port-cities and global trade; cities, states, and empires; city maps and representations; and absolutism. Comparisons with Ottoman, East African, and Spanish American cities.
Pros: really cool topic, taught by awesome professor, good class chemistry
Cons: lots of reading that looks a bit boring, lots of expensive books
Work: several short papers, final paper

Republican China
The period of transition between the Chinese Empire and the People“s Republic of China. The roots of contemporary mainland China and Taiwan; modernity and changes to society and politics, economy and law, education and literature.
Pros: really interesting topic, cool reading list, all readings online, fairly good class chemistry, relevant to both my majors
Cons: time (Fridays from 1.30-3.30), instructor is post-doctoral fellow, not full-fledged professor
Work: several short papers, final paper
[Have not actually gotten into this one yet, but I have a fairly good chance, I think]

Women and Medicine in America from Colonial Times to the Present
American women from the colonial era to the present as midwives, patients, healers, reformers, revolutionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Ways that women have shaped American health care and medical research.
Pros: really interesting topic, really cool reading, professor is way cool
Cons: sort of disturbed by taking a class with only 14 other girls (and female professor) and no guys
Work: several short papers, final paper

I'm really ambivalent about whether or not I get into Republican China--I'll feel slighted if I don't, but it will make my decision much easier, and if I do, I'll have to make that choice, and for the rest of the semester wonder if I made the right one. I made a bad choice last semester and it's really screwing me over now.

Anyway, my other classes:

Microeconomics: Ugh. The only reason I'm taking it is that I need a quantitative reasoning and the final is really early, so I can be out of there soon.

Human Evolution : This is for my science credit. It's a pretty cool class, but up a really fricking big hill and I get tired and cold walking up it.

Readings in Modern Chinese: Honestly, I'm not thrilled by the material for this class, but I need it for the major, I love the professor, and it's a pretty good gut class for me.

Classical Chinese Poetry: Also a seminar, this is with one of my favorite professors ever.

Standard class load is 5. I was planning on taking 6 to make up for last semester. Trouble is, as you can see, I would go up to 7 with all these seminars. I would have 3 finals (the Chinese final would probably be during reading week, so it doesn't count) and 3 final papers. If I go up to 3 history seminars, I'd have 4 final papers, and at about 3,000 words each, well, that won't be any fun.

I really like the Women in Medicine seminar, because it just looks like a lot of fun with a lively teacher and interesting reading, and I'm a pretty big fan of the City in Preindustrial Europe, because then I could write a paper on a cathedral town (I've always been freakishly interested in cathedrals). But Republican China is, well, culturally, historically, and personally relevant, so I think I would like it, but, you know, how can I be sure?

Anyway. I just don't know how much I'm physically capable. I'll be working 9-10 hours a week, as well, and there's my Yale Daily News and Connecticut Academic Decathlon commitments. I'm a girl who likes to sleep, and both Microeconomics and Human Evolution are going to be pretty difficult for me, with problem sets, labs, midterms, and other hard things. So, yeah, 7 classes would be a poor idea, but I'm sooo indecisive!


Tue, Dec. 18th, 2007 05:18 pm
So I hate my life right now (not really, but sort of) because you know how I was in love with a guy? Well, SO NOT HAPPENING. It sucks, because there are so many stupid men in my life that I don't want and they just hang around and I would trade them ALL if he would just ask for my number, that fucker.

Well, it would be nice if there was a date in there, somewhere, too. Or maybe an entire relationship, while I was wishing for impossible things.


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Tue, Dec. 18th, 2007 08:24 am
I know this is kind of obvious, but I really, really hate finals. They should just go and die somewhere.


Sun, Dec. 16th, 2007 10:55 am
why can't I learn to keep my big mouth shut? why why why?

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Thu, Dec. 13th, 2007 05:19 pm

is when the stuff you bought finally shows up at your door. in your mailbox. whatever. The Isaac Mizrahi scarlet lovelies came today and they look AMAZING with my overpriced J.Crew navy pinstripe suit. The Donald J. Pliner croc trims made me prance around a bit with joy - they are so beautiful and comfy - and I feel quite ready to take on the world.

I do feel very uncertain about the champagne Charles David sling backs I bought, though. They aren't very comfortable, and while they are beyond beautiful, I just can't think of when I'd need them. They're basically flesh colored, and honestly, quite versatile but boring in color. I might send them back.


Wed, Dec. 12th, 2007 09:29 am

- Figleaves has free shipping and a sale! Yay!

- I went to see the Grinch musical yesterday in NYC.

- I finally went to a Lush retail store . . . it was delicious. I bought some things for my mother for Christmas and also some things for me. My parents are very shoddy at buying Christmas and birthday gifts, anyway, and say that I'm free to buy my own presents, so I'll consider this their gift to me.

- I also had the phenomenal good luck to stumble upon a Loehmann's. I'd heard about it, of course, but never had the chance to go to one. This was about three blocks from Lush - I had to walk about two miles from where the bus dropped us off to get to Lush in the first place - and I thought I'd just duck inside before trotting off to Fifth Avenue and spending some of the money I'd saved just for this trip, but I never ended up going to either Fifth or Madison. Because Loehmann's, it is amazing. I fond a gorgeous pair of Christian Lacroix beaded and embroidered black satin evening pumps for $190. Seriously! Which is not cheap in objective terms, but it was marked down from $700, and anyway, I was spending my own money - not even gift money or allowance money, but money I'd made myself. I also bought half-off Foot Petals, a red shirt, and lots of pretty Nicole Miller underthings at about 50% off the Bare Necessities price.

- I tried frog for the first time last night. I thought it was extremely delicious, but on an intellectual level it was disgusting. Will probably never order it again, but am glad I tried it.

- I sold my first book on Amazon, for a net gain of about $4.00. I don't think I'll be selling with any seriousness, and I'll only be selling from school because I can't justify driving out to the post office at home, but the extra spending money on Amazon will be nice. I'll pretty much be selling off the things I've read and don't like. I pay for the postage from my piggy bank (hahah yes I have a piggy bank), which is where I drop all my loose change.

- I ordered some business-casual type clothing from Petite Sophisticate because I am short, they are having a sale, and they permit free returns. Win/win situation!


Sat, Dec. 8th, 2007 04:31 pm

Isaac Mizrahi Demille pump, red scarlet patent leather, $69 @ zappos.com after price match.

So yes, I have a shoe problem. But, well, how can you resist those at that price? I know it sounds like a lame excuse, but I'm not joking when I say I am "investing" in these. Anyway, Zappos and Endless both do free returns, so even if I later realize I have to send them back because I am poor and cannot actually afford designer shoes, it won't be a hassle. I just wanted to jump on them as soon as possible, especially considering they're almost sold out in my size at both Amazon and Zappos.

I wore the leopard pumps tonight to the Morse Christmas dinner and received stares and compliments and a wolf whistle, too.

Rundown on the shoes I've bought since coming to school:

"Kara" La Candienne, black suede ($315 @Nordstrom): these are only $301 @Zappos, but it's sold out in my size/color, so I ordered them from Nordstrom instead. They are horribly expensive, but they are beautiful, can be worn in snow, and I intend to make them last for at least the three years I have left here at Yale.
"Drake" Cindy Says, leopard pony ($30 @Amazon): I love these shoes. The heel slips, but a $3 heel grip at Rite Aid solves that problem, and they are incredibly sexy. In fact, I've never owned sexier shoes than these.
"Stunner" Charles David, black leather ($19 @Endless): this isn't the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned, especially considering that they're originally $198, but they are very, very pretty.
"Stunner" Charles David, white leather ($19 @Endless): they're so damned cheap I just had to buy them in another color
"Power" Charles David, champagne patent leather ($60 @Endless): I haven't received these yet; from the Zappos reviews I probably should have gotten them in 1/2 a size larger, but it's too late for that. If they don't fit well I will just send them back; thank goodness for free returns!
"Demille" Isaac Mizrahi, scarlet patent leather ($69 @Zappos): Um, not much more to say, is there? Isaac Mizrahi not for Tarjay at $70 is too amazing for words.
"Rida" Donald J. Pliner, black patent leather ($130 @Smart Bargains): These are so sexy that I turned a blind eye to the comparatively higher price. Returning these will be more difficult, so I hope I really love them . . .

Again, I am spending money that I make myself.

/end shoe rant, cue food stuff

Food of the day: spinach, carrots, two apples, and a cup of water. Blend. Add some wheat germ, oats, or wheat bran, if desired. Delicious and nutritious. Also free, if you, like me, can steal things from dining halls.

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Fri, Dec. 7th, 2007 02:25 pm

Charles David "Power" slingback, champagne, $62 @ endless.com, after price match. It's pretty, it's a good color, it's a good brand, and it's not as fabulously low in price as might be desirable, but it's a bargain nevertheless. Also, it's a closed-toe shoe. I need to invest in more closed toe shoes for working in the office.

Charles David "Stunner" peep toe wedge, white, $19 after price match. I bought this in black already, and I'm debating whether to buy it in leopard as well. I already have the gorgeous leopard print Cindy Says peep toe pumps, so probably not, but at $25*? It's hard to resist.

Donald J Pliner croc trim pump, black, $110 after discount and cash back. These are not as inexpensive as I would like, tragically, but they are so beautiful. And shiny. And they are made in Italy.

* With a price match at endless.com, it should be about $15, but the problem is, endless and amazon share the same warehouse. That means that when there's only "1 left in stock" at amazon.com, and you buy it at endless, it is now out of stock at amazon. So, if I bought that shoe, I'd have to just buy it at amazon for $25.